Welcome to Kodiak Rush! We are direct market fishermen who catch the best fish Alaska has to offer and bring the fish directly to our customers.

My name is Abe Rovansek and I've been commercial fishing in Alaska since I was 19. I started Kodiak Rush to make sure the de;icious fish we catch reaches our customers in peak condition. We are involved in every step in the process, including catching the fish, filleting and freezing, moving the frozen filets to the Lower 48, and selling those fish to our customers.

If you are interested in supporting a small business, there aren’t many smaller than Kodiak Rush. Thank you in advance for your support.

A note about shipping:

We offer delivery by the fishermen themselves from our Port Matilda, PA home.

For orders from farther afield, we ship frozen fish packed in dry ice to the eastern half of the US. Shipping happens Monday thru Wednesday and arrive at your home between Tuesday and Friday. We will contact you with the expected date and time of your delivery. We are working to find reasonably priced shipping for the entire US.

    We strive to catch, fillet, and bring to you the freshest Alaska fish. In addition to our own catch we work with other small-scale fishermen and small, Alaskan businesses to bring you a wider variety of fish and a steadier supply than we can catch ourselves. Our offerings change regularly so check in regularly or sign up for email updates.