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Kodiak Rush

Pacific Cod Fillets (per lb)

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We had a good Pacific Cod season this year and we are pleased to offer Pacific Cod portions, perfect for one or two servings. Our packages contain portions of Cod fillets, caught by us then filleted by us onboard our fishing boat within a few hours of being caught. They are immediately iced, then vacuum packed and flash frozen (again by us, we need some help!) to lock in freshness. Fillet packages vary in size from about 1/2 lb to 3/4 lb.

Our Pacific Cod fillets are boneless with skin on. The skin protects the meat and also is edible. Try pan searing your cod by first placing the portion skin-up in the pan with a touch of oil until the meat shows a bit of color (1 or 2 minutes), then turning the portion skin-down. Season the seared side with salt, pepper, and perhaps dill or thyme while you let the skin side cook. When the meat is opaque you can remove the meat from the pan leaving the skin behind and either discard the skin, or better yet let it crisp a bit and eat it.

Our Pacific Cod filler are $16/lb.


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Fresh fish frozen at the peak of flavor

Our fish are filleted and iced immediately, then flash frozen to maintain the best possible quality.

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    We ship our products frozen using dry ice. Please be careful not to touch dry ice with your bare hands. Dry ice expands into a gas when it warms up and should not be placed in an air-tight container or the container may burst.