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Kodiak Rush

Black Rockfish Fillets

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Rockfish season has ended and had a successful season. We are offering our first batch of Black Rockfish fillets, each fillet averaging 0.65 lbs, and we're offering them for $16 each.

Alaskan Rockfish are a unique group of fish found only in the North Pacific. There are about 30 species of Rockfish in Alaska inhabiting rocky areas of the ocean from the shoreline to deep, offshore waters. Black Rockfish, offered here, are the most abundant of the Rockfish and the State of Alaska manages a commercial fishing season directed primarily at Black Rockfish. We were one of the few boats to participate this year, making Rockfish hard to find in retail trade.

Alaskan Rockfish fillets are firm, tender, and tasty, and make the perfect fish for a wide variety of cooking styles. Our favorite way to cook them is to pan fry them and serve them on a roll or over rice - delicious!

We catch, fillet, and freeze the Rockfish within hours, providing the freshest Rockfish available anywhere. Your Rockfish Fillets will arrive as boneless, skin-on, vacuum packed fillets that average .65 pounds. Please remember, although we try to remove all the bones and most fillets are entirely boneless, it is possible there is a bone or two in your fillet. The easiest way to check is to simply run your fingers over the fillet before you cook it, and the bones should be noticeable, if there are any bones at all.


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Fresh fish frozen at the peak of flavor

Our fish are filleted and iced immediately, then flash frozen to maintain the best possible quality.

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