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Kodiak Rush

Yelloweye Fillets

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Boneless skin-on fillet

Yelloweye is one of Alaska's 30 or so Rockfish species, but it is a unique fish both in it's striking appearance and it's delicious taste. Yelloweye is not a target for us, but we catch them in the process of fishing for Black Rockfish and Lingcod, and as commercial fishermen we are required to retain all rockfish. As a result the supply of these fish is limited, both for us and for all fish sellers.

Yelloweye have firm but tender flesh that is white or light in color, with a subtle taste that is delicious with simple seasoning or lends itself well to a wide variety of recipes. Yelloweye fillets are thicker than any other Rockfish due to the large size of Yelloweye, making Yelloweye the ideal Rockfish for fish and chips or similar dishes.

Our Yelloweye fillets are shipped skin on and bones removed. As with any fish, please be aware there could be a bone or two that we missed, and we recommend you simply run your fingers over the fillet before cooking to make sure; if we missed a bone it will be near the edges of the fillet and easily removed. Most fillets will have no bones.

We are currently offering Yelloweye Fillet portions that average 0.8 lbs for $20 each.


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Fresh fish frozen at the peak of flavor

Our fish are filleted and iced immediately, then flash frozen to maintain the best possible quality.

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