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Kodiak Rush

Halibut Fillets

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Fillet -boneless, skin-on

Its firm, flaky, and flavorful flesh has given Alaskan Halibut a well-deserved reputation as the world’s most delicious fish. We have a small amount of Halibut caught, packaged and flash frozen by our salmon fishing partner Bob Wolfe at his shop in Homer, and we’re offering it to our online customers. These fillets are boneless with the skin on. 


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Fresh fish frozen at the peak of flavor

Our fish are filleted and iced immediately, then flash frozen to maintain the best possible quality.

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    We ship our products frozen using dry ice. Please be careful not to touch dry ice with your bare hands. Dry ice expands into a gas when it warms up and should not be placed in an air-tight container or the container may burst.