Titan Market Stall, Part 1

Titan Market Stall, Part 1

We have been looking for a place to sell our fish locally (we are based in State College, PA and Pittsburgh), but farmers' markets are mostly open in summer, when we are fishing. Fortunately for us, Titan Market is open year-round and is in nearby Bellefonte, PA. After the phone calls, coordination, and planning, the next step is to build a stall. The aesthetic of Titan market is similar to many farmers' markets or antique malls, and most booths have a homemade feel to them, so we set out to build a similar booth.

We started with a search for pallets, which led us to Tractor Supply, where we noticed a large stack of whole pallets and another stack of broken pallets and crates. An inquiry inside led to a gift of a dozen pallets (Thank You Tractor Supply!) and also access to the pile of broken pallets and crates, which turned out to be not as broken as they appeared. We filled the truck.

With our raw materials in hand we headed for my garage. The next step in our design/build process was to sort the materials. It turns out that the crates used to ship log splitters look a lot like the walls of a market stall.

We chose the very trendy vertical slat style of booth wall. Below you can see the pallets in their initial lineup in the garage.

We filled in a few of the larger gaps on the front with extra boards, and added a countertop made of a couple of 1 x 12 inch boards Shawn had in his shed.

I'll make another post showing the finished booth, or you can stop by Titan Market Thursday from 4 to 8 pm, or Friday and Saturday 9 am to 4 pm.

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