Spring on the Kenai River

Spring on the Kenai River

We are returning to Homer to put our boat back in the water and get to work catching fish. On the way from Anchorage to Homer we pass the Kenai River with its beautiful blue water. This photo shows the actual color of the water which comes from the glaciers upstream. The Kenai River hosts all five salmon species including the world's largest Chinook Salmon and a big run of Sockeye, some of which we hope to bring back to our customers.

Yesterday, May 23, 2023, was cool and rainy on the Kenai, but that didn't stop a group of Tree Swallows and Violet-green Swallows from hawking insects just south of the Cooper's Landing bridge. The swallows were joined by a group of Arctic Terns which seemed to be plucking something small from the water's surface. I assume all of the birds were feeding on some sort of emerging aquatic insect like a mayfly or stone fly, but I couldn't actually see any of the insects. The swallows are in this photo but too small and distant to be easily seen (zoom in on the water surface downstream) but fortunately the Arctic Terns paid no attention to me and this one swooped right in front of me.

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