Fishing Season 2023 has begun

Fishing Season 2023 has begun

We started fishing in early June 2023 and have been too busy to post here. We still are busy in mid July with our boat fishing Pacific Cod, Rockfish, and Lingcod while we are also netting salmon with a partner on another boat. I'll drop a few photos here and then I am off fishing again. I'll post more when time allows. By the way, we have all become huge fans of Pacific Cod for dinner. Delicious!

This is Captain Abe with two nice Pacific Cod. 

Captain Abe with two nice Pacific Cod.

Shawn with a Yelloweye Rockfish. We don't catch many of these photogenic and delicious fish, so we usually stop for a photo when we catch one.

Shawn with a Yelloweye Rockfish

When we fish for Rockfish we are targeting Black Rockfish. This is a nice one at about 22 inches long.

Ron and a Black Rockfish

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