F/V Lila Aurora

Summer of 2022 was the first year for the new boat, and we spent a lot of time on all sorts of boat work. There are lots of topics related to boat work we hope to write about, but to start here's a look at the basic layout of the boat. The photo below shows Captain Abe captaining on the flying bridge. A "bridge" in nautical terms is a place where you have controls and can drive the boat, and like most boats, the Lila Aurora has more than one bridge. Where Abe is standing is the "flying bridge", which is like most flying bridges located on the roof of the main cabin. Through the windows you can see the controls of the main bridge. The flying bridge of the Lila Aurora is uncovered, although many flying bridges are covered and still called a flying bridge.

The next photo shows the Captain on the flying bridge photographed from the other direction, and you can see the wheel and a wooden bench that serves as the driver's seat. You also get a great view of Homer Small Boat Harbor here.

This last photo lacks good composition and I don't know why we took this photo, but it does offer a side view of the boat and main cabin. The flying bridge is on top, and the main cabin below. If Captain Abe were driving from the main bridge inside the cabin, you'd see him through the window just above the numbers.


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