Shawn Vashaw

Kodiak Rush fisherman Shawn standing in front of a sign welcoming him to Alaska, the 49th State, on the Alaska Highway

Shawn grew up in northern Pennsylvania where he spent countless days fishing, hiking, and camping in the Allegheny National Forest and surrounding PA Wilds. In that time, he developed a love of the outdoors, a healthy respect for the power of nature, and a yearning for physical challenges against which to test himself.

Commercial fishing in Alaska brought all these qualities back together; the outdoors, the power of nature, and seemingly endless physical challenges. He quickly fell in love with the wild untamed beauty of the Alaskan Pacific, the midnight sun, the unpredictable weather, and the logistical challenges of bringing fresh fish to customers thousands of miles away.

Shawn brings a variety of skills developed over a lifetime to Kodiak Rush including his savvy with internet technology, the grip strength of a silverback, and a handy class A commercial driver's license.